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Altamira Inmuebles investors high-yield property assets

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At Altamira we have a range of assets to meet all of your investment needs. You can contact us on 902 918 047, and after listening to your particular interests we will offer you a customised service.


You can consult our portfolio, which includes unique and residential buildings, offices, logistics hubs, industrial and business premises, shopping centres, hotels, golf courses and more.



Based on your particular interests, we will select a number and type of assets that match your investment profile: from the most conservative profile for a holding company looking for assets requiring little time and offering low-risk returns, to investments in assets with a high growth potential requiring maximum involvement, which provide higher returns due to the level of risk involved.


Among our assets, we focus mainly on those in use by an established tenant, bearing in mind the traditional investor profile. However, our knowledge of the market and the nature of our assets have allowed us to carry out transactions with end users and developers engaging in transactions involving vacant or high-requirement assets with a view to their ultimate use, or a change in use, or for their own industrial profit.


In the “Investors” section of this website we will upload various catalogues with specific offers. If you do not find what you are looking for, call the number above with the details of what you are searching for and we will call you back personally.